Somewhere, cancer specialists are doing amazing things.

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  • Somewhere, cancer specialists are saving lives with amazing technology. That somewhere is right here.

    When facing cancer, you want the best on your team, and the good news is you don’t have to schedule a flight or a road trip to find them. We’re proud that some of the best cancer doctors in the world are right here at Good Samaritan Hospital.

    Our expert oncology team includes medical, surgical, radiation, gynecologic specialists, as well as plastic and reconstructive surgeons. Our doctors are supported by a skilled team of oncology nurses, radiation therapists, pain management specialists, pharmacists, physical and occupational therapists, laboratory specialists, physicists, nutritionists, social workers, personal care/image experts and financial counselors.

    Awards and Accreditations

    Good Samaritan Hospital is accredited as a Comprehensive Community Cancer Center by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer (ACoS CoC). Fewer than 25 percent of the nation's hospitals qualify for this distinction that requires meeting stringent standards of multidisciplinary care.

    Good Samaritan Hospital is a four-time recipient of the outstanding achievement award from the ACoS CoC. We are one of only 10 hospitals in the country that have received this esteemed award in four consecutive surveys.

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  • Patients' Experiences

    No one can tell the story of their own personal cancer battle and survival better than the patients themselves. Read the powerful and encouraging personal stories from several of our former patients.

    Dana Stevens

    When Breast Cancer Becomes a Gift
    How one nurse’s cancer experience has brought her full-circle to the service of others Read More

    Geoffrey Marks

    Sales director Geoffrey Marks depends on his voice to take him through many presentations and speaking engagements. But the 57-year-old San Jose resident never dreamed his throat and voice would be major players in another important event - one that could have cost him his life. Read More

    Leslie Hagen

    "To say I was shocked when I learned I had cancer would be a radical understatement," says Leslie Hagen, who was diagnosed with Stage IV colon cancer nearly two years ago. Read More

    Gina Grande

    "I never thought I wouldn't beat this thing." Five years ago, the road of 21-year-old Gina Grande's life stretched before her. Born at Good Samaritan Hospital, she had grown up in San Jose and attended local schools. Read More

    Claribel Dare

    "If you have to get cancer, there is no time like the present. We are so lucky to have exciting new treatments." Over the last eight years, Claribel Dare has experienced highs and lows. But, as the 71-year-old retired schoolteacher and church organist understands, the music of life goes on. Read More

    Andrew Stearns

    "...being there to raise your sons, raise your daughters..." Andrew is accustomed to mastering tests, so he was surprised when he "flunked" a PSA test, the blood test used to screen men for prostate cancer. Read More

    Kelly O'Conner appreciation for the care and compassion she received at Good Sam... Mrs. O’Connor was the mother of a toddler when she received her diagnosis of acute leukemia. Read More

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